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Build A Smarter Workforce To Drive Better Customer Experience

Today, 7 out of every 10 consumers globally switch their service providers every year due to poor customer experiences that they receive from the organization. With more and more consumers adopting a multi-channel approach to engage with the organization, it is even more complex now to manage & deliver seamless experiences while keeping costs under control. Adding to the complexity is the lack of a comprehensive framework of managing the workforce who is supposed to deliver these experiences via the consumer’s preferred channels. Millions of money are spent by organizations on their workforce every year, yet their consumers rate them poorly.

In this session, come and learn how Aspect is helping organizations today to address all these issues.

In particular

  1. You will learn how Aspect’s Productive Workforce Suite is helping organizations truly understand their consumer’s interaction behavior in order to tailor the experience delivered to them by the right employee at the right time through the right channel.
  2. You will learn how organizations can perform analytics in their information-rich contact centers to derive invaluable insights and fix issues faster & better.
  3. You will also see how the most leading names in Customer Experience use Aspect to continue delivering great experiences at lowest costs. Every day.
  4. Learn how to Focus, Analyze, Standardize & Transform (the FAST approach) the entire workforce across front & back office and across channels in a seamless manner.

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