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Membership Application Form & Process

Below is the process of becoming a CCAM Member: –

  1. Complete the Membership Application form
  2. Email or fax the completed form to CCAM Secretariat. Email ccam_secretariat@ccam.com.my; fax 6(03) 7865 9935
  3. CCAM Secretariat will contact the names in the Membership Application form for verification within one working day
  4. CCAM Secretariat will fix an appointment for CCAM Executive Director for a courtesy visit at the Applicant’s premise
  5. CCAM Secretariat will submit the completed membership application form to its Executive Committee after the visit for approval
  6. CCAM Secretariat will send an acceptance letter and invoice to the Applicant via fax. The original document will be sent via courier for payment processing
  7. Applicant to remit the per se subscription fee within fourteen working days from date of invoice


Download Membership Application Form

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